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Daily Announcements

Event: Greek Shaymin Distribution Dates

Friday May 22, 2009

The Official Nintendo of Greece Website has recently announced the distribution dates for Shaymin in Greece. The distribution dates are May 29th from 4PM to 8PM, May 30th from 10AM to 6PM, June 13th from 10AM to 6PM and June 20th from 10AM to 6PM. For each of these dates there are a slew of locations you can visit to download the Shaymin. Complete lists are on the website. If any of you PokeFanatics out there are currently in Greece, I suggest you go download a Shaymin.

Click Here The Official Nintendo of Greece Website


Event: Secret Key Distribution for Europe

Friday May 22, 2009

Today, the Official Pokémon Platinum Website of Europe announced that the Secret Key Mystery Gift will be distributed via Nintendo Wi-Fi from June 8th to July 19th all across Europe. The Secret Key is a key item which allows you to enter a secret room in the Galactic Building in Eterna City. Inside the room there are kitchen appliances which allow you to change Rotom`s forms.

You can see a video of the North American distribution of the Secret Key and Rotom`s alternate forms here






Games: Pokémon Platinum Korean Release Date

Thursday May 21, 2009

The Pokémon Platinum Korean Version release date has been revealed today along with the Regigigas event mentioned. The release date is July 2nd 2009 and the price will be 39,000원 (KRW) which is equivalent to approximately $31 USD.

As usual, it is assumed that interaction between the Korean version of Pokémon Platinum and other non-Korean versions will be extremely limited or virtually non-existent. This is due to the fact that the games from other countries do not support the Korean font table. Korean characters appear as blank spaces in Diamond and Pearl and question marks in Pokémon Platinum.   





Event: Regigigas Distribution in Korea

Thursday May 21, 2009

Today, the Official Pokémon of Korea Website announced that a Regigigas will be distributed in South Korea on June 20th and June 21st 2009. The distribution will take place at the Techno Mart B1 Shin Do Rim from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. In order to download the event you must have an authentic Korean version of Pokémon Diamond or Pearl along with a Nintendo DS.

You may only download Regigigas after your cart has been inspected by the officials to confirm the legitimacy of your game. If it is found that you used a cheating device, your save file may be deleted. Your game must have less than 3 wonder cards and each person can only download one Regigigas.

If you transfer Regigigas to the Korean version of Pokémon Platinum, set to hit shelves July 2nd, it will unlock the 3 Regi caves.      




Event: Korean Arcanine Distribution at Battle Series 2009

Tuesday May 19th, 2009

About 2 weeks ago, the Official Pokémon of Korea Website posted information about their Battle Series 2009 tournament. I had been waiting for someone to properly translate the information on the website, but due to the lack of Korean translators, all that is known is that an event Arcanine will be distributed at the tournament finals on June 6th and June 7th. The Arcanine will be like the other Korean PikaCafe events (not to be confused with the Nintendo of Korea events).

Dates and rules about the tournament are available on the site. Since Pokémon Platinum is not yet available in Korea and no official release date has been scheduled, players must either have Pokémon Diamond or Pearl version and a DS to enter.




Event: Pichu and Arceus In-Game Events

Saturday May 16, 2009

The Official Pokemon Website and leaked Famitsu scans revealed new information about the role of Pichu and Arceus in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. The Pikachu-Colored Pichu that will be distributed via Mystery Gift this summer for the 12th Pokémon movie will allow you to interact with a Jagged-Eared Pichu in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. However, it is noted that the Pikachu-Colored Pichu must not be evolved in order to activate this event. You can evolve it, but if you do, you will not be able meet the Jagged-Eared Pichu. There is no word as to whether or not a new Pichu forme will be introduced.

In addition, more info regarding an in-game event activated by the 12th movie Arceus has also been announced for Pokemon Platinum. If you have this Arceus in your party, you can find the Hiker in Oreburgh Mine and he will tell you about his studies regarding philosophy and legends. As he leaves, he will give you the Flame Plate. You can then meet him at the Canalave Library where he will tell you the legend of the creation of Sinnoh. Furthermore, the book that he placed in the library will be updated with the text from all the plates.




Games: CoroCoro Scans Reveal Heart Gold and Soul Silver Info!

Tuesday May 12th, 2009

New CoroCoro scans have been leaked on Japanese image boards and, as expected, they reveal new information regarding Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Below is a list of some new features and other Pokémon HG/SS related news highlighted by CoroCoro:

  • Starter Pokémon are not the only Pokémon that will follow you in-game
  • New playable female character (not from Pokémon Crystal version)
  • Player`s Pokémon gear has been upgraded (possible camera addition)
  • Notch-eared Pichu confirmed in-game (Pikachu-Colored Pichu interacts with this Pichu in a possible in-game event)
  • More Wi-Fi features to be added
  • Sprout Tower and Slowpoke Well remodeled
  • New Pokémon Sugimori art revealed
  • CoroCoro hints at Kanto`s return
  • Not Confirmed: Skateboard key item in-game (like bike) and September 11th 2009 release date in Japan 

Stay tuned for more information and check out the scans below to have a look yourself. Click to enlarge the pictures.






Games: Pokémon Remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver Confirmed!

Monday May 11, 2009

After 10 years since the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver in Japan, awaited remakes known as "HeartGold" and "SoulSilver" will hit Japanese gaming stores in autumn of 2009.





Site: Girashii

Friday March 27, 2009

Welcome to in its grand site opening!




Games: Platinium

Sunday March 22, 2009

Today is the release date of Pokémon Platinium in the United States. Get your own copy at your nearest retailer store!

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